The hunger games names

All the Names for Catching Fire and The Hunger Games Tributes


Jennifer Lawrence Re-Reading the Hunger Games



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Hello and Welcome to Hunger Games News Wiki , This is about Suzanne Collins best selling Trilogy The Hunger Games . Anybody May Edit or add new Pages to this we can all work together to create the Biggest knowledge Of the Hunger Games . But if you do edit it must be Based on Hunger Games Book Series or Movie . Thankyou°



Katniss About the Go into the Arena in The Trailer

This is the official Trailer to "Hunger Games" Out 23rd March 2012° Dvd out August 18, 2012


Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) In the Hunger Games Trailer getting interviewed


Katniss in the Arena . Trailer

This is the Offical Trailer to "The Hunger Games : Catching Fire " Out 22nd November 2013 Dvd Ment to be out 7th March 2014°


Katniss Becoming the Mockinjay , Catching Fire Trailer


Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hucterson) Tribute parade


Katniss in the New Arena , 75TH Hunger Games .

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